Terms of Service

Upon submission of the registration/application form, trainees accept an educational offer provided by the European School of Neonatology (ESN), hereinafter referred to as the ESN. A contract is concluded between the parties at the date the trainees are admitted to the ESN programme. As the ESN is a project of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR), the Terms of Service are of the ESPR. The following terms and conditions apply.

§ 1 Validity of the modules/courses of higher education

The modules/courses of higher education of the ESN are understood as study programmes/continuing professional education and are intended to provide trainees with practical knowledge for their professional life.

§ 2 Content of the contract

Upon conclusion of the contract, the ESN undertakes to provide the trainees with study materials on a module by module (MAS programme) or course by course (Tutorial programme) basis. The payment of fees covers the use of the online platform, access to study materials and the attendance of live sessions.

The trainees are obliged to pay the fee published on the ESN website and online learning platform via credit card. The fees stated in the registration/application form shall not be increased during the term of the contract. Falling short of the specified duration of study does not entitle the trainees to a reduction in or reimbursement of the tuition fee.

§ 3 Course of studies

(1) The course of study shall be in accordance with the current and approved version of the ESN study regulations.

(2) The study materials are made available in the online campus on a module by module (MAS programme) or course by course (Tutorial programme) basis at the start of the respective semester, module, or course.

3) After expiry of the regular study period, the study materials can be accessed for a further semester (6 months).

§ 4 Registration Process

Trainees register for the MAS programme or Tutorial programme by choosing one specific module (MAS programme) or one specific course (Tutorial programme). The eligibility requirements for the MAS programme and the Tutorial programme are provided in the ESN regulations.

§ 5 Payment of fees

Upon registration to the programme only the fees of the chosen module (MAS programme) or course (Tutorial programme) must be paid by the trainees. Specifically, payments are made per module or course and are subject to various discounts which will be indicated latest during the registration process of trainees.

Fees already paid by the trainees to the ESN will not be reimbursed. If the trainees are charged a reduced tuition fee based on a prospective public education grant, and if the public grant is subsequently not awarded, they are obliged to pay the corresponding difference within 30 days.

§ 6 Revocation/ termination of the contract

The contract is concluded for a specific module or course with a predefined duration. The contractual relationship ends with the completion of the training module or course. The trainees can terminate the contract with the ESN without giving reasons at any time. The termination must be sent in writing to office@espr.eu. Upon graduation and/or completion of modules or courses, the legal study relationship between the ESN and the trainees ends.  In such case, no notice of termination is required.

The school is entitled to terminate contracts without notice in serious cases, including, but not limited to, unexcused absences, payment arrears as well as due to serious disciplinary offences. Termination of the contracts does not release the trainees from their financial obligations.

If the ESN is unable to provide its services due to force majeure or by order of the authorities, the trainees shall not be entitled to any compensation or claim for repayment.

§ 7 Execution of the programme

The ESN is entitled to cancel courses if the number of participants is too low. In the event of absences of teaching personnel, the ESN may cancel the course if no substitute of equal professional calibre is available. As a rule, if the number of participants is low, an attempt will be made to find a mutually satisfactory solution by rebooking courses, reducing hours, or adjusting prices before or within the first two weeks after the planned start of the programme. Should a course not be able to take place, cancellation will be made to already registered course participants as soon as possible.

Courses lasting less than 6 months can be cancelled up to one day before their start. In the event of cancellation of a course by the ESN, the fees will be refunded. Further claims for compensation are excluded. Holidays and days off depend on the ESN’s internal planning. Changes due to unforeseeable internal and external circumstances are possible at any time. The educational programme may be modified at any time and without prior notice. For example, teaching days and times, number of lessons, learning content and examinations may be adapted to internal and external requirements on an ongoing basis, provided that they do not significantly change the overall character of the course or qualification.

§ 8. Teaching methods

The ESN decides on the teaching methods used in its educational offers as set forth within the framework of its didactic concept. All forms of teaching determined by the ESN are of equal value and lead to the complete fulfilment of the educational obligations.

§ 9 Technical requirements for the use of the online learning platform

Learning processes and the programme organisation are handled online via the virtual campus of the ESN. The provision of the necessary technical equipment is not included in the tuition fees. The trainees are solely responsible for providing both hardware and software that meets the requirements of the ESN online platform. This includes an internet-capable terminal device, internet access and an up-to-date browser. A DSL or LTE internet connection is recommended. The ESN accepts no liability or warranty for the use of the virtual campus if the requirements are not met.

§ 10 Fraudulent use of the online learning platform

The ESN virtual campus is password-protected. The access data will be provided to the trainees after registration/application. The trainees agree not to pass this data on to third parties nor facilitate access of third parties to the study materials provided.

In case the ESN receives notice of third-party access to the platform and the study materials, or any other fraudulent activities committed in the context of its educational programme, it can exert the right of expulsion.

§ 11 Changes of personal details

Trainees must notify the ESN in writing of any changes in their contact information, including, but not limited to, private or shipping addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or changes of name. This shall be done by updating their profiles on the ESN online platform.

§ 12 Components of the contract

In addition to the general terms and conditions, the following documents are an integral part of the contract:

  • the online registration/application, including the fees and required proofs mentioned therein.
  • the respective valid regulations (e.g. examination regulations, study regulations).
  • the payment schedule.

§ 13 Insurances

Health, accident, and liability insurance are the responsibility of the trainees.

§ 14 Data protection

By registering, the trainees acknowledges that personal data will be stored.

§ 15 Right to use personal data

By registering, the trainees agree that their data may be stored and used for educational, administrative and marketing purposes. Furthermore, personal details may be passed on to supervisors, tutors, lecturers, and fellow trainees insofar as this is useful or necessary for the organisation of educational activities. Upon permission by the trainees, the ESN has the right to publish pictures taken during educational activities or graduation ceremonies. Likewise, testimonials from survey data can be used for promotional purposes following the trainees’ permission.

§ 16 Malpractise liability

The ESN cannot be held liable by trainees, their employers or other parties in case of medical malpractice.

§ 17 Terms of service subject to change

These Terms of Service may be changed by the ESN at any time in written form. Trainees will be informed of changes as they are made. If they do not object within 30 days, the new provisions shall be deemed approved.

§ 18 Final provisions

Should any provision of these terms be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

§ 19 Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction shall be Geneva, Switzerland.