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Providing fully-integrated specialist training in Neonatology

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Providing fully-integrated specialist training in Neonatology

Welcome to the European School of Neonatology (ESN)

Learn about the ESN

The European School of Neonatology (ESN) represents the educational arm of the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR). It is a non-for-profit organisation that offers a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Neonatology, dedicated Special Courses and Training and the lecture series ‘Neonatology at a Glance’. Taking into account principles of evidence-based medicine, the programme joins theory and practice to equip medical professionals with the right competencies to practice Neonatology at all levels of care.

Get to know the ETR in Neonatology

The European Training Requirements in Neonatology (ETR Neonatology) represent a curriculum that has been developed by the ESPR to support national training programmes in Neonatal Medicine, one of the Paediatric Specialist training programmes as defined by the Union Européenne des Medicins Specialistes (UEMS). It has the objective to define the minimum requirements for training in Neonatology by adapting it to modern-day, clinical work patterns and administrative realities. The ESN puts the ETR Neonatology into practice at the European and global level.

ESN Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

The programme is performed part-time and mostly taught online in parallel to local medical training or work. As part of the Bologna framework, you can receive ESN ECTS credits on courses completed at other ESPR initiatives such as the NOTE MSc Programme or with external partners.

Requirements for the 60 ECTS Master of Advanced Studies

The modules

The modules are developed in collaboration with leading international experts from the European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR):

• Cardio-circulatory intensive care
• Initial care of the newborn infant
• Management of neurological disorders
• Congenital anomalies and operations
• Lactation and breastfeeding
• Transport and retrieval
• Haematology, metabolism & endocrine disorders
• Management of renal failure
• Management of gastro-intestinal & hepatic disorders
• Management of nutrition and fluid balance
• Infections and compromised immunity

Lecture Series ‘Neonatology at a Glance’

Join our 16-part lecture series that provides a glimpse of the MAS, which consists of recorded presentations followed by moderated expert discussions. Each lecture contributes 0.2 ECTS points towards the MAS and your participation in the entire series is free of charge. Your colleagues are warmly invited to join as well.

Special Courses and Training

This is a collection of collaborative training offers in Neonatology developed inside and outside of the ESPR. Each course contributes ECTS points towards the MAS.

Participate in the MAS in Neonatology

Admission criteria

Are you a doctor with a university degree in Paediatrics or a qualified advanced nurse practitioner who would like to specialise in Neonatology? Are you fluent in the English language (IELTS score > 6.5 or a university degree taught in English)? Then the ESN teaching offers are the perfect fit for you!


The tuition fee per module is EUR 1’400. The complete MAS costs EUR 8’400 EUR. Dedicated study grants and scholarships will be made available to you to cover up to 100% of your fees.

Registrations opening soon

The ESN will be launched in September 2022. Leave us your e-mail to receive regular updates on the ESN and its upcoming programme launch. Stay tuned for more!

Become a partner

About the ESPR

The European Society for Paediatric Research (ESPR) has been at the forefront of Paediatric medical care and innovation since 1958. As one of the oldest and most prolific Paediatric research societies in Europe, the ESPR co-organises annual conferences, supports investigators with research grants, runs a mentoring programme and disseminates cutting-edge findings through its journal Pediatric Research, amongst others. It currently has ten sections representing different Paediatric sub-specialties. Our mission: developing and applying research to improve newborn and child health.

Help us improve neonatal education worldwide

The ESN is set to become the premier neonatal learning offer across Europe and beyond. We provide a broad range of opportunities for partners to engage and collaborate. If you want to learn more about the ESN didactics and medical training as well as opportunities for collaboration, get in touch with us.

Meet the ESN Board

The ESN Board is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of experts from around Europe dedicated to neonatal research and training.

Sven_Wellmann_Board European School og Neonatology
Sven Wellmann


ESN President
Children’s Hospital Regensburg

Pascal_Fentsch_Board European School og Neonatology
Pascal Fentsch


ESN Managing Director
ESPR Secretariat

Manfred_Kuenzel_Board of ESN
Manfred Künzel


ESN Med. Didactics Officer
University of Bern

Tomas_Szczapa_Board of the European School of Neonatology
Tomasz Szczapa


ESN Teaching Officer
Poznan Univ. of Med. Sciences

Jean_Claude_Fauchere_ESN Board
J.-C. Fauchere


ESN Programme Officer
University Hospital Zurich

Gabriel_Dimitriou_Board of ESN
Gabriel Dimitriou


ESN Marketing Officer
Univ. of Patras Med. School

Heike Rabe_Board European School of Neonatology
Heike Raabe


ESN Institutional Officer
Brighton & Sussex Med. School
United Kingdom


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